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Tranny House
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Tranny House Overview

During my time reviewing shemale sites Iíve grown wary of sites with generic names. Tranny House is one of those generic names and it worries me because when a site has original content to share with us they typically indicate what kind of content it is in the siteís name (if itís all about shemales getting fucked youíre going to know that from the title). Thus Iím a little worried about this site because it has the blandest, most boring name Iíve heard for a shemale site.

The tour is a big contributor to my worry. They talk about having lots of videos in the memberís area but the only thing they show is pictures galore. There are roughly 60 pictures shown on the tour but if you look closely youíll see that theyíre pulled from no more than 10 galleries, once again raising suspicions. I have a feeling this is going to be a site filled with leased feeds and underwhelming image sets. Letís go inside and find out if thatís the case.

Members Area of the Tranny House Site

When you first log in thereís a link to what looks like an original shemale sex video. It is, but itís pulled from Tranny Seducers, an actual site that this one is merely leeching off of. When you join Tranny House youíre basically joining that site, so itís not all that bad. They have 16 downloadable scenes in high definition and 19 streaming scenes that are awfully bad in comparison. The site is updated every two weeks and itís halfway decent, although it suffers in comparison to other sites that fall into the same cost bracket.
Members area of Tranny House #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Tranny House #2
members area screenshot #2

The rest of Tranny House is made up of leased feeds, none of which are good enough to warrant a membership over one of the dozens of better shemale sites out there. The feeds are all streaming and most donít go above 480x360, which is pretty poor in the age of high definition video. They only have four video feeds, which actually pales in comparison to other feed sites out there. This isnít surprising based on what I saw on the tour, of course, but itís always nice to think that a site is going to surpass your expectations by being excellent.

The selection of picture galleries is even worse. You know how they had images from no more than 10 galleries on the tour? It turns out they were pulled from the five lonely galleries available at the Sluts With Nuts feed. Outside of the Tranny Seducers bonus site itís the only one where you can find images. Is there a saving grace for Tranny House or is it simple a waste of money and time? Actually, if youíre into straight sex then thereís a good chance youíre going to like the bonus sites. There are 30 of them and many of them produce a new video every week. Those videos can be downloaded in HD and theyíre generally pretty hot. The girls are good looking and theyíre not cheap when it comes to production values.


If youíre looking for high quality, original shemale content then you need to look somewhere besides Tranny House. Itís not a good site because itís not really a site at all. The main shemale content is taken from another site in the same network and the leased feeds are miserable. The only reason to join the site is if youíre into straight porn and you like the bonus reality sites they offer. Check them out and see if you dig what theyíre offering. If so itís actually a pretty good deal.

PS. If you are looking for more information about Tranny House you can read other Tranny House Review

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