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Shemale Movie Vault

See the worldís finest shemales in hot hardcore sex.

Shemale Movie Vault
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Site quality4.5
Update frequency4.5
Site usability4.0
Content amount4.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating4.5
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Shemale Movie Vault Overview

A shemale is the perfect sexual being. A true shemale has the body of a woman with the exception of whatís hanging between her legs, which would be a cock. The best shemales have big cocks and can get hard in an instant, which means theyíre always ready to fuck or be fucked. At Shemale Movie Vault they aim to provide hot downloadable videos in every imaginable shemale category. The site is relatively young when compared to some of the more established shemale movie repositories but that doesnít mean they canít compete.

The tour aims to show you just how hot the content is going to be on the inside. To that end theyíve provided free video trailers from some of their most popular videos. Iíve watched a bunch of the trailers and I can unequivocally say that Iím super excited to see what the site offers. If the videos I watched are any indication the inside is going to be a never ending flow of hot movies featuring hot trannies. I saw shemales fucking guys and guys fucking shemales and much more. Damn, letís get inside and see what more they offer.

Members Area of the Shemale Movie Vault Site

It was a momentary bummer to see that the design of the memberís area is so different from the tour. I couldnít help but wonder why they felt the need to change it but itís not any worse so itís not really a big deal. The background is now a dark pink, which is fitting given the subject matter. Theyíve got all the latest updates on the main page and it appears as though 1-3 new additions per week is the norm. There are pictures from upcoming additions as well.
Members area of Shemale Movie Vault #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Shemale Movie Vault #2
members area screenshot #2

You can find all the content in the library. As of January 2008 they have more than 160 videos. Itís a decent sized collection and theyíve updated continuously since launching in 2006 so thereís no reason to believe they wonít continue that trend. You can browse everything from the main library page and thereís a thumbnailed screenshot from each scene to whet your appetite. Pick your favorite thumbnail, click it and youíll be taken to a download page with a bunch of screenshots and a description of the scene.

I like to browse the content by category, of which there are eight: couples, solo, group sex, shemales fucking guys, shemales fucking babes, shemale porn stars, shemales fucking shemales and miscellaneous. Shemale Movie Vault is basically made up of scenes pulled from DVDs, so theyíre pretty much the same as all the other shemale DVD download sites. The difference, and itís important, is that they go to the trouble of strictly categorizing their movies. It makes finding what youíre looking for so much easier than your typical shemale video site.

I know it seems like a little thing but to me it makes signing up for Shemale Movie Vault more valuable than a site with five times as much content. The truth is, they update often enough that youíre not going to run out of content anytime soon, and if you do you can turn your attention to the bonus sites that come free with membership. Also, theyíre a little choosier with the content they add here. Instead of throwing up every DVD possible they choose only the finest scenes for their members. That means you wonít have to deal with any skanky shemales or dudes who canít take a cock up the ass.

One of the most remarkable things about the site is how good looking the shemales are. Of the 165+ scenes Iíve only seen a few girls who werenít exceptionally beautiful. Where do they find such a steady supply of beautiful women and how come I canít meet any of them? Iíve seen more facial cumshots on the guys here than any other site. I guess these dudes arenít afraid to let the shemales shower them with jizz. Thatís another point in the plus column.

Thereís a fair amount of bonus content that youíre entitled to as a member. First is the site Shemale Mov. They have more than 650 videos in similar categories, so itís like an extension of Shemale Movie Vault. If youíre into bisexual content then you can visit Club Bisexual, another massive archive of downloadable videos. On top of the bonus sites they have provided more than 30 leased feeds, including four that have shemale themes. When it comes to value theyíve got it down.


Shemale Movie Vault is a great option for any and all shemale fans. They have more than 165 videos in their memberís area, but when you include the bonus sites that number jumps to more than 800 shemale movies and 400 bisexual movies. The quality is top notch across all the sites and there are 3-6 new shemale movies every week, so youíre never going to run out of content. The best feature is the categorization of the movies; whatever kind of shemale porn youíre looking for youíll find it at the drop of a hat.

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star moon
I love this web site
Comment added: Mar 07, 2008

I love to see your photo and to get one lady as my dating sex friend.
Comment added: Mar 05, 2008

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