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Shemale Hunt Girls
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Shemale Hunt Girls Overview

Shemale on female content doesnít get nearly the credit itís due. I think itís because guys either dream about fucking a shemale or being fucked by a shemale and thereís really no room in that equation for a woman. However, I think Shemale Hunt Girls might change your mind. I havenít been in the memberís area yet but things look very promising on the tour. Also, the hottest blowjobs Iíve ever seen are ones where itís a chick sucking off a shemale. That sight turns me on more than I would have imagined.

The tour for Shemale Hunt Girls is pretty standard. At the very top of the page they have an embedded video trailer that offers a look at some of the action to be found in the memberís area. Below that youíll see previews from each of the most recent additions and things are pretty good looking. A site like this should really feel like a lesbian porn place with the small addition of a cock. For that you need beautiful trannies and they have a veritable army of them here. In some cases I canít get over how good looking the models are and Iím really looking forward to seeing them in action.

Members Area of the Shemale Hunt Girls Site

I really dig chicks sucking shemale dick. Thereís something about it that turns me on more than I ever thought possible and now that Iím in the memberís area of Shemale Hunt Girls Iím excited. On the main page they list the most popular updates and my eyes were immediately drawn to the image featuring shemale Carla Novais and her female friend Monica Matos. I had seen Carla on the tour and found her to be immensely attractive. When confronted with the possibility of seeing her get sucked off on film I couldnít resist.
Members area of Shemale Hunt Girls #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Shemale Hunt Girls #2
members area screenshot #2

Like all the scenes this one takes place in the bedroom. This isnít a reality site where they have the shemale go out hunting (despite what the siteís title might imply) for a hot slut. Carla and Monica are both busty babes and they began their scene with a little tender kissing and tongue sucking. Soon they were both topless and given the perfection of their breasts I couldnít help but wonder if they went to the same surgeon. After the kissing they got down to the dick sucking and by that point I had a sizable boner and I was totally sold on this site.

When Monica climbed into Carlaís lap and began bouncing on her cock I thought I would lose my load it was so hot. What I wasnít expecting was the anal sex; thatís normally reserved for shemale-guy sites but it was a very hot addition. Most scenes feature that same addition so keep that in mind if youíre a big anal sex fan. All the models at Shemale Hunt Girls are Latina; the site is probably run from Brazil as a large portion of the worldís shemales seem to hail from that country (if not Brazil then itís certainly somewhere down there; Argentina perhaps?).

Carla actually makes a second appearance and once again acquits herself very well. Sheís not the only hottie here though. Just about all the shemale models are beautiful and they all have sizable cocks that they love putting to use. The girls all give good head and when they fuck they do so with passion and vigor. The noises coming from the screen during these scenes are quite the pleasure to hear.

On the tour thereís a graphic that says you can download their movies in any format you desire and from low quality to high definition. Thatís not actually true, although itís not a huge problem. The only format available is a high definition WMV so youíll have to prepare for a lengthy download process, especially since the servers seem to be so slow (my downloads never got above 150kb/sec). The high definition videos look amazing, but itís a mistake not to offer any other options; sometimes I donít want to wait for an 800mb file to download. They do break each scene into 80-90mb clips that make the downloads a little more manageable.

The only other flaw I can find with Shemale Hunt Girls is that the site is so new. They launched a couple weeks ago (as of February 6, 2008) and so they donít have a ton of content. There are 13 full length scenes and each runs roughly 30 minutes, so thereís a decent amount of stuff all things considered. Updates appear to be weekly so it looks like this will be a great value in six months time.


Shemale Hunt Girls is a well executed site that features good looking chicks, exceptionally hot shemales and lots of hardcore sex. Thereís passionate kissing, hot handjobs, oral sex and both vaginal and anal sex. I like the ass pounding most of all but thereís something for everyone here. Given that the site was only recently launched itís not surprising that there isnít much content. Because of that I recommend you wait a few months before joining so you really get your moneyís worth ($29.95 per month).

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