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She Animale
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She Animale Overview

Sheanimale is one of the few sites Iíve come across thatís dedicated entirely to shemale anime. Itís a small niche, considering only a fraction of the porn loving population is into anime. The number of those people into shemales is even smaller, leaving few people willing to buy a membership to a site all about hand drawn chicks with dicks. Thatís why there are so few sites, but itís nice to see there are a few out there willing to serve the desires of the few.

Itís not easy to put together a good anime tour. Most of the time they tend to throw lots of images and flowery talk at you. Itís all about making it seem as though thereís an overwhelming collection of content at your disposal. At Sheanimale they forgo that tactic and instead present you with previews of their most recent content sets. For each they offer six pictures and a lengthy description of the scene. Itís a great way to set the mood and to inform you as to the quality and type of content they offer. Itís one of the best anime tours Iíve seen.

Members Area of the She Animale Site

I like the design. Itís colorful and cartoonish, as it should be. Theyíve clearly put some time into maintaining an animated aesthetic throughout the site and itís appreciated. The latest updates are listed on the memberís main page and I was heartened to see that they add a new set every two days and have been doing so for six months (it used to be every 3 days). They list the updates by month and youíre free to browse to any month youíd like. The site was launched in April 2006 and has been steadily updated since then.
Members area of She Animale #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of She Animale #2
members area screenshot #2

Theyíve also separated the content into two categories: hentai and cartoon. The cartoon style drawings are, for lack of a better word, American looking. Itís akin to what youíd see in a comic book, except with a shemale theme. They donít copy any known superheroes or cartoon characters but they do have superhero themes and familiar scenes. The hentai toons are drawn in the traditional Japanese style and will appeal to those of you that are big fans of anime. Schoolgirl themes are explored in many of the scenes, as is common in non-shemale hentai.

The coolest thing about Sheanimale is that you can write a story and see it turned into a cartoon if itís good enough. In fact, most of the recent additions were based off of a user submitted story. Thereís a form to submit your story along with your name and e-mail address. They say it takes about 2 months the time you submit the story to see it on the site. Iíll bet they have a pretty big backlog of submissions they have to wade through. Given the submission process Iím not surprised theyíre able to update every two days. The hardest thing about drawing porn has to be coming up with a new story.

Each set has 10-12 images and they follow the story closely. In some ways this is an adult story site with pictures to help your imagination. Of course, you can skip over the story and just check out the pictures and youíll have an equally wonderful experience. The quality of the drawings is top notch, whether it is the cartoon or hentai style. They use a variety of artists but they all have exceptional ability and produce fantastic drawings. The shemales are always shapely and beautiful and, not surprisingly, their cocks are typically oversized in a grand way.

If you want to decorate your desktop theyíve provided two sets of wallpapers. One is built as a calendar, with a new background for each month of the year. The other collection offers nine separate backgrounds, each featuring an anime style shemale with a huge hard cock. Sheanimale also hosts a forum for fans of anime. Itís a general forum, not just for talking about shemale themed anime, but there are plenty of good discussions going on and itís a great place to meet other fans. There are no bonus sites, but you can get a discount on the other shemale sites owned by the same company.


Sheanimale is the best shemale anime site on the web. They have several hundred comics for you to enjoy and they update every two days with a new one. Each has 10-12 images and theyíre all drawn by a skilled hand. If youíre feeling inspired and want to write a story thereís a good chance theyíll build a comic from it and post it in 2 months. Thatís an awfully cool feature and a great way to get you to stick around for a few months. The bottom line is that the artwork is top notch and the site has tons of content. With those two things in place everything else is just gravy.

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Free Picture Galleries

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She Animale Gallery 1: Shemale Anime Pics
Shemale Anime Pics

She Animale Gallery 2: The Ladyboy In Red
The Ladyboy In Red

She Animale Gallery 3: Shemale Cartoons
Shemale Cartoons

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