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Ladyboy Juice
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Ladyboy Juice Overview

When you hear the name Ladyboy Juice what do you think of? Do you imagine a hot ladyboy stroking her cock and shooting a load of cum? Do you imagine that juice landing on your face or perhaps licking it up? Well, I wouldnít blame you if you did, although that part of the site will be left up to your imagination. If youíre really into it you can pretend that the ladyboys are here to entertain you alone Ė perhaps youíre the guy sitting across from them in the hotel room and holding the camera.

If youíd like to begin your fantasy without shelling out your hard earned money then I recommend you visit the tour page to see massive free pictures and free trailers from some of the most recent additions. When you first visit the page youíll see an embedded movie playing in the upper right hand corner of the page that features some of the cumming highlights. Each ladyboy has a sizable cock and she manages to stroke it furiously enough to produce a big, sticky load of cum. Itís absolutely fabulous.

Members Area of the Ladyboy Juice Site

Why is it that ladyboys are so damn beautiful? What makes them different from all other shemales in the world? I swear these chicks with dicks are more beautiful than most genetic women I see on a daily basis. The main page of the memberís area invites you to check out the latest updates as well as the highest rated (even though they call it most popular) videos and picture galleries. The top sets are a good way to get a feel for the siteís content. When youíre done with that itís time to dive into the full content sets.
Members area of Ladyboy Juice #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Ladyboy Juice #2
members area screenshot #2

With each update they have both a picture gallery and a downloadable video and they list them together, making the site super easy to browse. They list 12 updates per page and for each one thereís a headshot of the model, a short description and the date on which the scene was added. They add a new set every week like clockwork, just as theyíve been doing since the site was launched. The result is 45 sexy scenes featuring beautiful ladyboys stroking their thick dicks (they launched on March 26, 2007 so the site has been open a little less than a year).

It should be made clear that Ladyboy Juice is strictly a solo site. Sometimes I donít really dig shemale solo sites because in some cases the models really arenít that good looking. You can overlook that sort of thing when theyíre involved in a hot hardcore scene because your attention is elsewhere. On a solo site thatís not really possible, but as I mentioned the models featured here are insanely good looking so that problem is mitigated.

After browsing through Ladyboy Juice I was seriously considering a trip to Thailand so I could meet a woman like the ones on the site. I just canít get over how good looking these babes are and how they all have fully functional cocks capable of delivering serious pleasure to any man lucky enough to end up in bed with one of these beauties. Just about all the girls have breast implants and theyíre flawlessly done; just one more thing that separates these ladies from their shemale counterparts in other parts of the world (Iíve seen so many bad boob jobs on shemale models).

In addition to the perfect breasts the models often have remarkably feminine bodies. Their waists are thin and their hips generally flare out in a typical female way. They all have slim booties too (many Latina shemales have enormous asses). Put it all together and you have the most convincing shemales Iíve ever seen. For the majority of the girls youíd never guess that they were born men were it not for the enormous dick between their legs. Did I mention that they all have fairly sizable cocks? The cocks look even bigger when you contrast it with the slim and sexy ladyboy body.

Theyíre quite fond of lingerie at Ladyboy Juice. It makes sense given that the content is all solo. They have to have something to entertain you before the ladyboy whips out her dick. I thought the French maidís outfit was particularly inspired and Iím sure youíll find something that appeals to you. There are baby dolls, bra and panty sets, chemises and thongs galore. On top of everything else they give you free access to Shemale Juice, a hot site that features a fair amount of hardcore sex in case youíre dying for man on shemale action.


It should be obvious from the review text that Iím psyched about Ladyboy Juice. The site is a little undercooked at this point because they launched less than a year ago, but with 45 full scenes already I think theyíve got enough content to keep you happy for quite a while. Plus, they update every week and give you free access to a bonus site. The ladyboys are the most beautiful Iíve ever seen and their selection of outfits makes them even more attractive. I donít know where they find these girls but Iíd love to get the inside info so I can meet a few myself. Barring that Iíll keep my membership and keep going back for more.

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Free Picture Galleries

Here are few sample picture galleries from Ladyboy Juice site. You should visit a site if you want to get more galleries.

Ladyboy Juice Gallery 1: Ladyboy Playing With Herself
Ladyboy Playing With Herself

Ladyboy Juice Gallery 2: Ladyboy Fresh Cum
Ladyboy Fresh Cum

Ladyboy Juice Gallery 3: Asian Cutie A
Asian Cutie A

Free Video Galleries

Here are few sample movie galleries from Ladyboy Juice site.

Ladyboy Juice Gallery 1: Juicy Ladyboy Ass
Juicy Ladyboy Ass

Ladyboy Juice Gallery 2: Cute Cartoon Masturbating
Cute Cartoon Masturbating

Ladyboy Juice Gallery 3: Hot Asian Ladyboy Ann
Hot Asian Ladyboy Ann

Visitors Talking About Ladyboy Juice

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i like this site so much more your photos
Comment added: Feb 10, 2010

please send pictures
Comment added: Jul 29, 2008

evaristus mwanjala
Mine is just to say i love this site so much and i need you send me more of your pictures.
Comment added: Feb 15, 2008

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