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18 Year Old Trannies

Young shemales sucking cock and getting fucked.

18 Year Old Trannies
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Site quality4.5
Update frequency4.5
Site usability3.5
Content amount2.0
User rating *5.0
Overall rating4.0
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18 Year Old Trannies Overview

In the straight and gay porn worlds there are tons of sites dedicated solely to 18 and 19 year old performers. Guys lust after young pornstars because their bodies are the tightest, their faces are the purest and their sex drives are sky high. The only porn field that gets left out in the cold when it comes to teen performers is shemale sex. You can count the number of sites that do teen porn on one hand but 18 Year Old Trannies might be the only one that you need.

They strive to search for only the young shemale models on the planet here and by all accounts theyíve succeeded in their goals because these ladies definitely look youthful. You can get a glimpse of the action yourself by visiting the tour and browsing through the many pictures theyíve posted. They seem to highlight the most popular additions and there are some crystal clear and mega sexy shots to have a look at. Thereís also a free trailer that shows some hot and sexy tranny hardcore action.

Members Area of the 18 Year Old Trannies Site

What man doesnít want to fuck a sexy 18 year old? I would think most men would bone a sweet teenager if they got the chance and so the men of 18 Year Old Trannies are not going to pass up the opportunity to do so on camera. There are 11 scenes for you to choose from in the memberís area and thatís all there ever will be because this site is not updated. Itís part of a network of sites called Tranny Boss and none of them are updated. When they update a new site or two is added so the network grows a little but the sites never do. There are 100 scenes across all 12 sites so itís a pretty good deal for the money but not a great one.
Members area of 18 Year Old Trannies #1
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The women of 18 Year Old Trannies look younger than most you see simply because their breasts are small. As you probably know big tits make a girl look older so these babes are all almost all natural (two of the girls have breast implants and itís no coincidence that those are the oldest looking girls). The truth is they donít look as young as comparable teens on a straight sex site; I donít know if thatís because theyíre not actually teens or because they were born as men and that makes a shemale look older. Who knows? I didnít really have a teen experience here but that doesnít mean I didnít like the porn.

18 Year Old Trannies offers a pretty good experience for the porn consumer. You get to download the videos at what is basically DVD resolution (622x350) and you get to keep them as long as youíd like. The girls are all very good looking Ė thatís not something all shemale sites can brag about Ė and they utterly love getting fucked. Theyíre total sluts when it comes time for some deep dicking; they spread their assholes wide and the fucking is intense. The rest of the network features all different kinds of tranny porn action, including office shemales and shemales in costumes.


18 Year Old Trannies is a decent site but itís nothing special. The girls are young looking but they donít really seem like teenagers. Instead they seem like most other shemale models but without breast implants. Thatís not a bad thing but it doesnít have the naughty teen atmosphere that most teen porn does. Itís a good shemale sex site thatís hampered by a tiny amount of content (11 scenes) and a total lack of updates. There are 11 bonus sites that feature less than 90 scenes total plus an impressive amount of streaming DVD content. This is probably worth a monthís membership but little else.

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